Many mistakes could occur from writing emails; like boring content, your emails ending up in the spam/promotion box, or dreadful subject headlines & more.

After months of studying sales & copywriting, I've created tens of email campaigns for over 20+ businesses, helping them to achieve their sales/CTA goals by avoiding common errors that could harm their sales. I will work with you to develop an email copy that fulfills your email marketing campaign goals, utilizes the voice of your brand or business, and authentically speaks to your unique audience. 

What will you get when you work with me?

High-conversion email copy: Use the right words to engage & persuade your prospects to get high open & click-through rates.
Spam-proof email: you would not have to worry about your sales letters going into the wrong box; you will receive a 100% spam-proof copy.

Do not waste time and get it done right the first time! This service is perfect for:

- Engaging with an email subscription list
- Converting cold or warm leads
- Contacting past customers
- Developing new customer relationships
- Sharing company news
- And many other uses

Not sure how to proceed or have questions? You can contact me for a FREE consultation, and we can work together to develop the right email solution for you and your business!

A skilled proofreader can save you expense and embarrassment by catching a variety of obvious and not-so-obvious mistakes before they reach the costly stage of print or distribution—and ultimately the ever-critical eye of the intelligent reader.

Whatever you have written or typed, there is a natural tendency to check it for accuracy. Chances are slim, though, that you will catch all your mistakes, even if you read it a second time. Why? Any experienced proofreader—or a writer who has learned from experience—will be quick to tell you: Don’t proofread your own copy! It’s difficult to look at your own creative work with a critical or unbiased eye. You will, for the most part, see only what you expect to see.

This is the same for formatting for Amazon Kindle. Imagine buying a book that is unreadable because of many errors and poor formatting; you’ll definitely regret it and proceed to leave an unfavorable review. You don’t want to be this type of self-publishing author with bad reviews- which will ultimately be the death of your book. This is why you need another set of expert eyes to proofread and format your book professionally.

I will proofread your books, articles, or blog posts; edit spelling and grammatical errors, check consistency, readability, clarity & flow, rewrite sentences to match the tone of the whole material, [and I can format for Amazon Kindle - eBook and Paperback] (PC, Tablet, and Smartphones). All of these will be delivered back to you, clean and polished. I use Microsoft Word to track changes to keep track of all the changes made in the document.

If this is something you need or you have further questions, contact me for a FREE consultation.

(ONLY NON-FICTION BOOKS) As a Proofreader, Author, and Copywriter, I understand the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the creation of a book - and also in writing a compelling description that makes readers sit up, take notice and click "BUY NOW!" There’s a lot of competition on Amazon Kindle and other book-selling platforms. I will simply take the best your writing has to offer and transform it into selling points that make your book an irresistible purchase.
What You Get: 

Best-Selling Book SEO Description (written in HTML Code)

Higher Sales - sell more copies of your book - Recommended for self-published authors

Loyal Fans - develop a fan base and become a recognized author

Sound exactly like what you need? Contact me for a FREE consultation.
Writing a book is just one-half of book publishing; marketing and promotion to get readers is the other part. What is the point of having a book published with no readers? Free Book Promotion listing for up to five days is one way to get your book out there. To do this, you must have enrolled your book for KDP Select.

If you need to submit your free kindle book to lots of relevant websites (like IndieBookOfTheDay, Bookzio, ContentMo, eReader Girl, Free Discounted Books, etc.) without wasting your precious time, I can help you with that. Contact me for a FREE consultation.
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