Do you have an info-product (video courses, books, eBooks, podcasts, coaching programs, workshops, masterminds, etc)? I can help you sell more to 10X your revenue with the compelling and persuasive emails I write:
- New subscribers welcome series
- Announcement
- Product validation
- Pre-launch
- Product launch
- Nurture
- Direct sales
- Cart abandonment
- Content updates
- Event/webinars invites
- Post-Webinar sales
- Cold subscriber re-engagement
- Regular newsletters
- And more
What some of my clients are saying about me:
“Jimoh was attentive and clear on the scope. He understood what was needed and delivered (he even threw in some bonus emails!). He was fast and kept to the deadlines that he set himself - committed and takes ownership. I believe that Jimoh’s continued growth has much potential! :)” - Greg.
“It was a pleasure working with Jimoh. He delivered work way ahead of scheduled and completed it as per my expectations. His emails are exactly what I needed - and I would be hiring him again and again!” - Jon.
I specialize in email copywriting and marketing. I've promoted just about everything coaching and consulting services, B2B SAAS software, information products, courses, and even supplements.
I do a few key things to make sure the copy I write for you is compelling.
First, I do a lot of research about your target audience. I read forums, blog posts, LinkedIn profiles, and Amazon comments written by your customers or by people similar to them.
I do this to figure out the language your audience uses and responds to and to see their problems and concerns.
Second, I do a lot of research on your product or service to the correct answers to questions that your prospects are sure to have.
Why is your product or service a life-saver for your customers? How is it unique or different from the competition? Why does it deserve the price tag you've put on it?
Third, I give readers a lot of value in my copy. Sometimes, this is soft information that helps them solve their problems. Other times, it's simply entertainment or a personal story that gets them to feel that they are not alone in their situation. Empathy is very a powerful way of convincing people to buy.
So tell me, what are you trying to sell, and who is your audience?
Get in touch and let me know, and I will help you increase your revenue by up to 10 times.
P.S. Hit me up with your project description, and even if you’re not ready right away, please don’t hesitate to reach out anyway.

Contact Jim

And never worry about sending no-bite dead emails again!

Email me at rapportnaija@gmail.com or schedule a call with me at https://calendly.com/jimoh

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